Giovanni Amodeo

Chief Research Officer, Acuris Global



Public Speaker for Leaders First Event: Inspiring Future Leaders (London) Jun 25, 2018

Giovanni Amodeo is Chief Research Officer at Acuris Global.

In addition to managing Mergermarket’s global team of journalists, Giovanni’s responsibilities include seeking new growth areas, moderating and speaking at M&A events and hiring new talent. He also comments regularly about the markets on TV and gives academic lectures. Giovanni is also in charge of the Global Research Team for the Mergermarket product.

Giovanni joined Acuris in 2001 and has held a number of positions within the company, including Frankfurt Bureau Chief, Italian Correspondent, telecommunications, leisure and media reporter and research analyst, based in London. Prior to this, he worked with Commerzbank in Germany.

Giovanni graduated in Economics from the University of Brescia. He is a Giornalista Pubblicista enrolled at the Journalist Corporation in Milan.

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