Jonathan Geldart

Director General at Institute of Directors, Institute of Directors



Public Speaker for Leaders First Event: Think Global! (London) Oct 7, 2019

Jonathan is a charismatic and inspirational international leader who has shaped and executed global brand strategies, as well as formed and led high performance teams, in an extraordinary array of environments and situations, from the icy wastes of the Arctic to the cultural complexity of China.

Working regularly in China during the last decade has provided extensive experience of leading politically sensitive marketing strategies in emerging economies to achieve outstanding results.

As the Director General at UK Institute of Directors Chairman and a Non-Executive Advisor and Consultant to several UK and international businesses, a strong C Suite network and a depth of understanding of the issues facing leaders in current and emerging markets has proven to be highly relevant and valuable across a wide range of sectors and geographies.

This breadth and depth of experience, particularly regarding Chinese culture and its effects on trade, provides specialist insights that are shared with others through speaking engagements and the authoring of several books.

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