Masha Blinova

Co-Founder, Leaders First



Co-Founder at Leaders First

Experienced founder and business developer, skilled in Professional Education, Project Leadership, International Relations, Innovation Management, Personal Branding. Strong knowledge in design, product development, professional training and psychology. Master's degree focused on International Business and International Marketing.

I share my experiences and help to move quickly and effectively where my clients want to be.

I'm experienced moderator and presenter at regular events, contributor to Leaders First soft-skills Academy. Fluent in 3 languages, I have always been interested in personal and professional development and 
continuous learning.

Since 2019 I joined Leaders First as a Co-Founder and Ambassador, where my focus is on helping business owners and top professional to grow their network and to boost their personal brand. I help Leaders First to grow community of female members and create platform for voices of women in business, I’m a content creator for Soft-skills Academy and transformational leadership retreats.

My strengths are creativity, practicality and the ability to turn ideas and vision into commercially viable reality.


Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Strategy, Communication, Digital Media, Family Office, Investment, Career Opportunities, Design, Yoga, Meditation, Self-development, Coaching, Psychology, Neuroscience.

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