Masha Blinova

Founder, Francesca Jewellery



Ambassador at Leaders First

Founder Francesca Jewellery

I spent 15 years developing new products and services, leading international projects and developing branches & teams in luxury design industry in UK and Russia.

In 2009, with a degree in Engineering and a post-graduate diploma from an Architectural Academy, I embarked on an exciting journey and moved from Moscow to London to get my Masters's degree at a university in London.

Since then I developed my expertise as a founder and business developer skilled in Project Leadership, International Trade, International Relations, Client Relationships Strengthening, and Project Management. I worked on projects in London, Dubai, Bahrain, Italy, Moscow, Dublin. My clients included HNWI, members of Royal Families, CEOs of large corporations, and leading experts from world top firms.

I'm an experienced founder and in 2017 I've launched a jewellery brand, with clients in Europe, Russia and US.

I'm fluent in 3 languages and I always have been interested in personal and professional development. I am an expert in Personal Branding and Effective Communications.

Since 2019 I joined Leaders First as an Ambassador. Where my focus is on growing community of female members, Academy, retreats, and events dedicated to female leadership.

My strengths are creativity, practicality, and the ability to turn ideas and vision into a commercially viable reality.


Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Strategy, Communication, Digital Media, Family Office, Investment, Career Opportunities, Travel, Luxury, Fashion, Design, Venture Capital.

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