Sergey Mironov

Restaurateur, Owner , Meat & Fish



Public Speaker for Leaders First Event: Inspiring Future Leaders (Moscow) May 27, 2019

Sergey Mironov - restaurateur, owner of the restaurant chain “Meat & Fish”, Vice President of the Federation of Restaurateurs and Hoteliers of Russia.

In the restaurant business since 1996. Initially, he worked as a bartender, then as a manager in famous clubs and restaurants in Moscow. In 2006, he created the agency Restkonsalt, specializing in the provision of consulting services and crisis management in the restaurant business.

2009 - began to develop in Moscow franchising concepts Lizarran and Cantina Mariachi.

Mironov and his partners opened the first restaurant “Meat & Fish” in 2011. A few years later – he went out of business. During this time, began to experience difficulties. In August 2016, Sergey Mironov bought Meat & Fish back. A month later, he opened the second restaurant of the chain in the Kuntsevo Plaza shopping center. He decided to build his chain on a healthy domestic product: marble meat, grain-fed fish and seafood from the Russian northern seas. The second restaurant was opened under the more appropriate name Meat & Fish.

In December 2017, the third restaurant of the chain was opened. In the shopping center "Riviera". At that time, he became the most ambitious "brainchild" of the restaurateur. 1700 square meters, with a separate children's room, in fact, combining 2 full-fledged restaurants in one. Then, over the course of the year, the chain has grown with several more restaurants in Moscow and one in Volgograd. Nowdays there are 9 restaurants «Meat & Fish».

What is the uniqueness of his project? First, in adherence to the so-called “gastronomic patriotism” (Russian natural product). Secondly, there is a steak and fish-house in the mix “under one roof” (when the restaurant is equally comfortable for meat-eaters and seafood adepts). Thirdly, in the “emotional service” (the guest in the restaurants of Sergey Mironov is treated as a close friend). Fourthly, in affordable prices for a premium class product. The purpose is to open 12 restaurants in Moscow, 30 - in Russia. The final goal is to create his own “restaurant empire”, which has at least 500 Meat & Fish restaurants throughout the world.

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