Taylor Adams

Founding Partner, Belief Ventures

Premium Member

Santa Monica, California

Public Speaker for Leaders First Event: Investment Strategies for Leaders Apr 6, 2020

Taylor began his career working with a single family office in Southern California. After building a strong foundation in alternative investments, Taylor identified a significant opportunity to incorporate early-stage venture capital into the family office’s overall investment strategy. He founded Noname Ventures in February of 2016, and has since deployed millions across a robust portfolio of early stage technology investments. Taylor is now focused on helping other family offices to stand up and operate their own venture capital and venture philanthropy platforms.

In parallel to his investing activities, Taylor became an entrepreneur in the field of personal development, co-developed a self-betterment methodology called Applied Meaning, and founded a coach training company. Taylor is focused on leveraging his expertise in personal development and coaching to support family offices and next-gen leaders as they capitalize on unique opportunities and begin writing the next chapter of their family legacy.

Taylor also founded The Meaning Foundation, a non-profit that eliminates barriers to meaningful employment and empowers individuals as they begin to navigate their journey to prosperity.

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