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Mar 18, 2021
Start: 17:00   End: 18:30


LinkedIn is the most important professional social network in the world, and is becoming increasingly strategic, not only for companies, but also for professionals, who through a strategic and effective profile combined with a good personal branding activity can obtain new professional opportunities.

Success-oriented marketing strategies make it possible to increase personal and corporate brand awareness, develop business relationships and find new clients. The design and implementation of a valid online presence on LinkedIn can also be searched through the Sales Navigator, a fundamental tool for Lead Generation within an accurate Social Selling planning.


The objective of the masterclass to provide all the useful elements of an effective, captivating and goal-oriented personal profile in order to increase the involvement of the reference community and on the other hand to train the participants to use Sales Navigator. With the Masterclass, you will be able to effectively use LinkedIn as a strategic business tool, useful for enhancing the company and generating new and profitable growth opportunities.


- LinkedIn Profile Optimization (Advanced)

- How to create a LinkedIn strategy (Advanced)

- Sales Navigator: how to use it strategically

- Sales Navigator: potential, advantages, functionality

- Sales Navigator: Inmail marketing, advanced search

- Live Q&A

This masterclass is for advanced users of LinkedIn, with the profile fully completed, including all pictured and medial links, and you are aware of SSI.

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