How to present yourself on Linkedin

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Jan 25, 2022
Start: 17:30   End: 19:00
Online Masterclass


Positioning on LinkedIn is all important. People will more often than not create first impressions based on what they see both in terms of our Profile page but also in terms of what we post or indeed how we interact with others around the site. We, therefore, have to be careful that our personal branding is in line with how we wish to be perceived and also aligned with both the audience and what we wish to achieve at any given moment on the site, such as looking for a new role.


Start time 17:30 GMT | 18:30 CET.

Duration 1,5 hrs - interactive.

We will look at a number of important aspects when it comes to professional branding and networking on LinkedIn, with a particular focus on three key areas to manage effectively:

1. Your Personal Profile

How to get your key messages across using both the visual and text elements that the profile offers us, as well as some recent additional options that LinkedIn gives;

2. Posting

What we say is as important as how we look! We will examine what type of posting will serve you best and how you can help LinkedIn to distribute that to the right people;

3. Engagement

How to interact with others also plays a key role for you and your brand, so we examine some successful ways to do so, as well as some to avoid.


Mark from Leaders First

Mark is a UK-based LinkedIn expert with over 11 years of experience in using LinkedIn to better achieve business goals - from business development to more targeted marketing.

He is very focused on the results and has a background in international sales and marketing.


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