Membership Terms & Conditions ("T&Cs")

By submitting an application to Leaders First (the “Company”) or registering on the Company’s website you irrevocably acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to be bound by the following T&Cs, including any additional guidelines and/or future changes made by the Company from time to time as notified to members by email.


Leaders First is an invitation-only membership organisation with a mission to provide continuous-learning leadership programs and to connect leaders globally:

Individual members of Leaders First (each a "Member") can benefit from:

  • Events & Community: Access to exclusive events - organised by Leaders First and/or carefully selected businesses which Leaders First partners with (each being a "Partner") – designed to enable Members & Guests to learn from, connect with and be inspired by industry leaders.
  • Academy: Access to an evolving online and in-class educational programme focussed on developing soft-skills critical for leadership roles; and
  • Opportunities & Rewards: Access to opportunities, special offers, and initiatives offered by Leaders First, its Members and its Partners.

Guests of a Member (“Guests”) can also benefit from access to our Events & Community programme too, as described below.

Leaders First offers various services for Members and Guests through a bespoke online educational platform (the “Platform”) designed, owned and operated by Leaders First. The Platform is fully accessible by desktop or mobile at any of the below websites:

General Rights Of Members

Due to the breadth of specific experience which each Member brings to the Leaders First community, Leaders First will agree the specific scope of support and service with each individual Member, together with the expected time commitments. Examples of the types of services which can be performed by Members include:

  • providing support for certain day-to-day operations of Leaders First, if required;
  • providing mentoring support for other Members;
  • inviting potential Members to join the Leaders First community and referring sponsors and/or Partners to Leaders First;
  • providing sponsorship;
  • agreeing to speak or otherwise participate in one or more events being organised by Leaders First and/or its Partners;
  • agreeing to take part in interviews to be published by Leaders First;
  • assisting with the production of written and/or other forms of educational content to be published by Leaders First; and
  • seeking innovative opportunities and collaborations which can contribute to the expansion of Leaders First (for example, exploring collaborations between Leaders First and the Member, or a business which the Member is associated with).

The services performed by Members are provided at no cost to Leaders First.

Levels of Membership

Leaders First is an invitation-only membership organisation. No individual can become a Member without the prior approval of the board of directors of Leaders First (the "Board"). Members can select from three levels of membership, each of which is described in more detail below.

1. Ambassador

At any given time, the Board is entitled to appoint any Member to the status of Ambassador. The appointment process may be initiated directly by the Board, or it may follow a recommendation to the Board by an existing Member.

Each Ambassador is required to devote a reasonable amount of time contributing to the growth and development of Leaders First. The level of commitment required from Ambassadors is greater than for other types of Members, be it in relation to financial contributions or the level or amount of services provided.

Each Ambassador shall be entitled to subscribe for A Shares in the Company. The consideration for the issuance of the A Shares can be a cash payment, in which case the number of A Shares and the cash consideration will be confirmed by the Board. Alternatively, the Board may agree to issue a specific number of A Shares to the Ambassador in consideration of the Ambassador providing certain services to the Company. In either case the terms upon which the Ambassador acquires A Shares shall be set out in a separate subscription letter agreed between the Ambassador and Leaders First. The subscription letter will stipulate the minimum period of time during which the Ambassador must retain the A Shares and will also include other specific terms and conditions.

The rights and obligations attaching to the A Shares are set out in the Articles of Association for Leaders First. For example, the A Shares do not have voting rights at shareholder meetings but do permit each holder of A Shares to attend and speak at shareholder meetings. Each holder of A Shares is encouraged to review the Articles of Association, which can be accessed through the Companies House online page (

The Board has the right, in its sole discretion and in its reasonable opinion, to demote an Ambassador to the status of Member at any time.

2. Contributor (Fellow)

The Board may from time to time appoint a Member to the senior position of a Contributor. The appointment process may be initiated directly by the Board, or again it may follow a recommendation to the Board by an existing Member.

The eligibility criteria for being appointed a Contributor includes, but is not limited to:

  • being a Member which is holding or has held a senior position of professional responsibility for a significant period of time
  • at least 12 years of relevant professional experience;
  • achieved high professional standing; or
  • being actively involved in social initiatives.

The Board, at its sole discretion, has the right to be able to relax the eligibility criteria for the appointment of a Contributor on a case-by-case basis.

An individual can apply to become a Contributor, which is subject to approval by the Board. If approved for membership, the Contributor will be required to pay a yearly subscription fee in advance. However, the Board, in its absolute discretion, can decide to waive the payment of this fee.


The eligibility criteria for being appointed a Member include:

  • having at least 5 years of relevant professional experience;
  • having access to a significant network of professionals;
  • being passionate about leadership;
  • being self-driven and motivated;
  • holding the position of manager, professional and/or business owner;
  • possessing a BA, MA, MBA or PhD; and
  • being actively involved in social initiatives

The Board, at its sole discretion, has the right to be able to relax the eligibility criteria for the appointment of a Member on a case-by-case basis. The Board may also refuse to appoint an individual as a Member and is not required to provide its reasons for doing so.

If approved for membership, the Member will be required to pay a yearly subscription fee in advance. The membership commences from the date of the first payment and lasts one calendar year (subject to subsequent renewal as explained below). Please note that the membership fee might be subject to an additional “credit card fee” levied directly by your credit card provider. Leaders First is not responsible for any fees levied by banks or credit card providers.

Annual membership will renew automatically on or around one calendar year from the date of last membership fee payment.

Leaders First reserves the right to review and change the membership fee at any time. Amended fees are only applicable upon renewal of new membership registration.

Each Member will receive the following benefits:

  • opportunities to attend events of Leaders First at Member’s rates and the ability to invite Guests to attend (subject to any specific terms and conditions which apply to the event in question); and
  • the right to attend events of Partners of Leaders First at Member’s rates and the ability to invite Guests to attend too (subject to any specific terms and conditions, either imposed by Leaders First or its Partner, which apply to the event in question).

A Contributor or a Member is eligible to be selected by the Board to be part of a branch or club or specific committee of Leaders First. The rights and obligations of each branch, club or committee are governed by specific terms of reference, which are available on request

For the avoidance of doubt, Members do not receive shares in Leaders First and do not have the right to attend or vote at either shareholder or board meetings of Leaders First.

Application Procedure

Each individual who applies to become a Member or a Guest is required to submit an online application, which is located at As part of the application process, the individual can be requested to provide details of the existing Member who has recommended them.

By registering or applying via the Platform of Leaders First, the Company reserves the right to undertake any criminal background screening to confirm the compliance with these T&Cs.

Leaders First shall endeavor to notify every successful applicant within seven working days. Leaders First is under no obligation to provide an explanation as to any refusal which is given by the Company. The creation of a Member or Guest profile is not available to a user who has already an active account with Leaders First or who has been previously refused or blocked by Leaders First.

Each successful application will be confirmed in writing by Leaders First via email subject to the payment of all relevant fees.

Members can invite other Members or Guests to join the Platform. Members can also invite Guests to attend events organised by Leaders First and/or its Partners; specific terms and condition will apply to the event in question.

Upon request, and at the sole discretion of the Board, Members may be granted the right to invite additional proposed Members or Guests. The Company invites other Members to extend the invitation to join Leaders First to individuals who meet the Member’s eligibility criteria described above and with whom the existing Member has already established an actual relationship, and who can contribute positively to the growth of the whole Leaders First community.

Leaders First may, at its sole discretion, decline to grant an invitation to other individuals invited by Ambassadors, Contributors and Members and shall not be required to provide a reason for doing so.

The Company will present an online Member’s profile to other Members via the Platform. Members are under no obligation to contact, connect with or communicate with those Members whose profiles appear on the Platform. Members are solely responsible for and assume all liability regarding any interactions between them through Leaders First, both online and offline.


Guests will be granted access to Leaders First hosted events by invitation or alternatively may be placed on a waiting list if the event is currently at capacity or oversubscribed. Each Guest may not attend more than two events, unless with the prior approval of Leaders First.

Leaders First may, at its sole discretion, decline to grant an invitation to a Guest and shall not be required to provide any reason for doing so.


The Company hosts a range of events, which are organised exclusively for Members and Guests. To attend Leaders First events, Members and Guests must register online via the Platform, in accordance with the terms and conditions, ticket pricing and policy applied for the specific event.

The Company reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone whose name does not appear on the attendance list, who has not registered or who has not completed the online payment process. Leaders First will also refuse entry to any professional service provider unless such person is associated with the sponsoring of the event in question.

The Company may, at its sole discretion, admit Members or Guests who have not registered in advance.

The Company reserves the right to cancel events at any time or reject a Member’s application to attend an event if required to ensure that the mix of attendees at the event is as beneficial to the attendees as possible.

The Company expects that Members and Guests will conduct themselves in a professional manner when interacting with others privately and during events. If an issue arises as a result of inappropriate behavior, our team will note it. We also suggest our Members report any inappropriate behavior immediately to us.

Any form of proved inappropriate behavior is a cause of termination of membership.


The Company offers its Members an opportunity to access online and in-class educational programmes to develop soft-skills required for leadership roles.

Access to online educational content is exclusively for Members. Based on the specific category and typology of the content, it will be provided free of charge or at a fee. Content listings will specify any required access fees and related policy access.

Participation at any in-class educational programme is subject to a fee. For each training programme, ticket policy and conditions will be provided to Members and Guests in advance.

Opportunities & Rewards

The Company offers its Members access to opportunities, special offers, initiatives and rewards (“Opportunities & Rewards”) offered by Leaders First, its Members and Partners.

The Company does not guarantee the availability of any Opportunities & Rewards as they are all subject to change at any time without notice. Opportunities & Rewards have their own terms and policies, which will be available on the specific listing page. Opportunities & Rewards may also include links or reference to other websites or services that are provided solely as convenience to Members. Please consider that the access and use of other sites, including in relation to the information, materials, products and services, is solely at the risk of the Member.


The Company may post photographs and videos showing Members and/or Guests attending Leaders First events and training on the Platform, on password protected web pages or other public website pages, social media sites, apps or platforms, and within Leaders First marketing material.

All photographs and videos are the property of Leaders First. The Company reserves the right to use those photos and videos for any marketing or other promotional purposes.

Following registration on the Platform, each Member will periodically receive details of forthcoming events, community updates and other communications from the Company via email or mobile phone (as requested). E-mail preferences can be adjusted and fully deactivated in the online profile. In the case of non-renewal or termination of the membership, the access to the Leaders First Platform may be blocked with immediate effects. Each Member or Guest may opt out of such communications via the unsubscribe links and the online profile.

Members will be informed on marketing guidelines or rules with regards to how the Company is promoted towards third parties and how Members communicate their role and participation in Leaders First events, within the community and on the Platform.


The Company excludes all liability to Members and Guests to the fullest extent permitted by law.

The Company is not responsible for the actions or omissions of any Member, Partner, Guest or sponsor of any Leaders First event.

The Company will have no liability arising from any information that a Member provides about themselves in their online profile or in person. Each Member agrees that the information provided about themselves is, and remains, truthful and accurate.

The Company cannot be held liable or accountable regarding any private agreements developed autonomously between Members and Guests who have been connected through Leaders First.

Termination of Membership

Leaders First has the right, but not the obligation, to terminate the membership of a Member in the any of following circumstances:

  • an Ambassador fails to pay any cash consideration required for the issuance of A Shares to the Co-Founder;
  • a Member otherwise fails to pay any sum due to Leaders First within 7 days of the due date of payment;
  • the Member fails to perform any service which the Member has agreed to provide, or provides any such service to a standard which the Board believes to be materially inferior to the required standard, in each case subject to Leaders First having notified the Member of the breach of the T&Cs and the Member not having successfully remedied the situation within the following four weeks;
  • the Board believes that the conduct of the Member is inconsistent with the values and ethos of Leaders First;
  • a Member has provided misleading or false information, or a Member has exhibited inappropriate behaviour during any Leaders First event and/or training session;
  • failing to comply with any T&Cs and
  • the Transfer of any A Shares held by an Ambassador to another individual.

A Member is entitled to cancel their membership at any time.

In the case that the membership of a Member is terminated, or the Member cancels its membership, if the Member has paid an annual membership fee and more than one month of the current annual membership period remains, the Member is entitled to request Leaders First to repay the Member the pro-rata amount of the annual membership fee for each full month of membership for which the Member shall no longer be entitled to be a Member.


The Company grants each Member and Guest a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable licence to use the Platform and related software (excluding source and object code) for personal, non-commercial and lawful use on computers of the relevant Member or Guest and other devices of which are used by such Member or Guest for the purposes of registering for, and accessing, an account on the Platform.

In addition, any suggestions, ideas or inventions that a Member or a Guest voluntarily discloses to the Company through any means will be used, or not used, by the Company at Leaders First’s sole discretion; and the Company will have no obligation to the Member or a Guest regarding any ideas or inventions that have been disclosed through such means. No right, tile or interest in or to any trademark, service mark, logo or trade name of the Company or its licensors, suppliers or affiliates is granted under the T&Cs except as expressly written here. All other rights are reserved to Leaders First.


The Platform is owned and operated by Leaders First. All materials, visual interfaces, graphics, photos, videos, text, design, compilation, information, computer code (including source code or object code), products, software, services, and all other elements of the Platform provided by Leaders First are protected by applicable copyrights, patent and trademark laws, international conventions, and all other relevant intellectual property and proprietary rights and applicable laws.

All materials contained on the Platform, if not expressed differently, are the property of the Company or its subsidiaries or affiliated companies and/or third-party licensors.


No term of these Rules is intended to be enforceable by any party other than the Company and the Members and Guests (any such third party being a "Third Party"), notwithstanding that any such term may purport to confer (under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 or otherwise) any benefit on such Third Party and irrespective of whether such Third Party is identified in these T&Cs.

Leaders First reserves the right to vary or amend its T&Cs from time to time. The T&Cs in force from time to time will be available on the Leaders First online public page.

Whilst a user of Leaders First Platform, each Member and Guest consents to Leaders First storing personal data supplied by such Member or Guest. Unless a Member or a Guest notifies Leaders First in writing to the contrary, each Member or Guest consents to the Company:

  • providing such personal data to Partners, sponsors and other Members or Guests, as such disclosure is required in connection with the business activities of the Company; and
  • publishing various personal details on the Leaders First website and Platform and on any separate on-line platform used by the Company, including any photo of the Member, the Member or Guest's business contact details, their resume and a link to their Linkedin webpage

Each Member and Guest agrees not to:

  • defame, harass, abuse, threaten or defraud Members of Leaders First or collect, or attempt to collect, personal information about Members, Guests or Third Parties without their consent;
  • harass, abuse, threaten, intimidate or otherwise annoy any of Leaders First’s employees or contractors involved in providing any portion of the Company’s services to Members; and
  • engage in any conduct deemed by Leaders First to conflict with the intent of these T&Cs

These T&Cs and all non-contractual obligations arising out of or in connection with these T&Cs shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English law. The Company, each Member and Guest irrevocably agrees that the English courts shall have exclusive jurisdiction to hear and decide any suit, action or proceedings, or to settle any disputes, that may arise out of or in any way relate to these T&Cs, their formation or any non-contractual obligation arising out of or in connection with these Rules and, for these purposes, the Company and each Member or Guest irrevocably submits to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

Date: 20 February 2019